Bram | 9 March 2022

Start a ML engineer career – Bram’s first two months at Enjins

“These 2 months at Enjins have flown by and I am definitely looking forward to developing my skills further and becoming an experienced ML Engineer”

Getting to work

In January 2022, I joined Enjins as a Machine Learning Engineer. After completing my master’s, I knew I wanted to do something with data, as well as consultancy. This is when I came across Enjins, which delivers just this package. The reason why the job of Machine Learning Engineer excited me, was because I could combine the fields of both data science and data engineering to deliver practical solutions and add value to all kinds of companies. Apart from gaining this technical expertise, I can also work on increasing my analytical and social skills as a consultant. 

Onboarding time

The first week at Enjins was dedicated to onboarding: installing my laptop with the necessary tools and authorisations, some onboarding training, and getting to know my colleagues. It was cool to see the similar mindedness in the company: everybody being friendly, young and ambitious and having a lot of common interests. Examples are my love for data (obviously), and sports. This is also what caused me and 3 other colleagues to go play a paddle game in Amsterdam in the second week.

The following weeks were about starting my first project, internal training, and starting my Microsoft Azure training. The project was quite small, a bit like an audit, and took around 2 weeks. However, this was planned to snowball into a bigger project, in which a full-fledged data pipeline needs to be put in production. For this project, the idea is that I will be in charge of the bulk of the development phase, which I am surely excited about! Additionally, through the Microsoft Azure training, I will become a certified Azure Developer and increase my knowledge and skills in cloud computing. Because clients frequently use Azure, this will come in handy in future projects. 

Started from the Bijlmer, now we’re here

For Enjins as a company, the last 2 months were also quite special. This is because it marked the end of the Enjins office at the Bijlmer, and gained a significant office upgrade by going to the Oudegracht in the centre of Utrecht.

I was very happy that despite corona, it was arranged that new employees had the opportunity to sit in the office. Being able to ask questions, and having some social interaction with colleagues greatly improved the all-around experience for me. The time at the Bijlmer was followed-up with a period of around 2 weeks of online activity due to moving to Utrecht. The prospect of sitting in our new office in Utrecht, however, did definitely overshadow this period.


The silence after the storm

As of the first week of March, we are now officially located in the new office in Utrecht. Because most of the corona restrictions were lifted one week before, we were able to have a nice office kick-off with some drinks and pizza on Friday. 

I started my second week in March by taking, and passing, the Azure AZ-204 exam, obtaining the “Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure” certificate. In this week I will also be starting 2 new projects: one audit, and one being the aforementioned project production phase. Although it will become an intensive period, I am really excited for both of these projects, in which I am expecting to encounter a lot of new stuff. 

Altogether, these 2 months have flown by. I’m really enjoying my time here and I am learning new things every day. I’m looking forward to developing my skills further and becoming an experienced ML Engineer. 

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