Climate Tech

As the most impactful technology of our time, AI plays a key role in combatting the most important challenge of our time: Climate Change. Tech companies are starting and growing in the subfields of climate monitoring, renewable energy, and circular economy. AI is crucial in developing, optimizing, and scaling climate innovations that bring us closer to net zero.

Customer Cases

For Start-ups

The maturity of AI at early stage climate tech companies is typically in a discovery or research stage. We help climate tech companies to go live with the first AI models. We support small data science teams by making the right data stack choices and develop and productionize the first AI use cases.

Progressing your climate tech AI from a research to production-state
Modern data architecture design and development
Tech & AI Due Dilligence preparation for the next funding round

For Scale-ups

Climate tech scale-ups typically have larger in-house data and AI teams. Partnering with Enjins helps you accelerate your in-house AI development by applying MLOps best practices, transferring knowledge to your team, and speeding up the development of complex use cases.

Acceleration of in-house climate tech AI teams
Blueprinting MLOps to shorten time to market of your AI models
Large scale AI systems: Energy forecasting, GeoAI, Climate monitoring

Customer Cases

Clean Energy

The key challenge of every energy company is to balance supply & demand. AI can be a true gamechanger for energy providers, with supply & demand prediction, and dynamic pricing engines as the most important use cases.

Energy forecasting: Make better informed decisions to balance the grid
Dynamic pricing: Predict and act on energy price volatility

Find out more about our energy approach here.

Climate Monitoring

The challenge of climate monitoring lies in analyzing vast, complex and unstructured datasets from numerous sources. Building image recognition AI systems automates this.

Image recognition: Monitoring of changing climate ecosystems
Weather forecasting: Advanced and complex AI based weather forecasts

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