Our vision on AI

We build AI solutions to realize meaningful change. This is possible by applying a software engineering mindset to AI, ensuring we go live with our solutions. We do so in tech sectors that we believe contribute positively to this world.


We love working in an entrepreneurial setting, understanding the strategic goals of our clients, and ensuring that AI systems contribute to their long term objectives.


We apply a software engineering mindset to AI. We always go beyond proof of concept and execute at the intersection of data, cloud and AI engineering.


We focus on making AI a gamechanger for innovative tech companies in climate tech, mobility, and marketplaces. Our ambition is to create lasting value for businesses and society.


We believe AI systems should be explainable, accountable and transparent. This is the only way to improve the systems over time and remain in control.

Our story

The journey of Enjins itself started in 2018, but the ideas that formed the foundation for Enjins were shaped over many years and projects before that. We built a company where talent is challenged every day to leverage AI to realize meaningful change.

June 2018

Enjins is founded

Nick, Maarten and Bastiaan decide to build an ML engineering company that serves tech companies in productionizing AI.

January 2019

Scale-up portfolio realized

Within 6 months, we are live with AI solutions at scale-ups like Wonderkind, GoBoony, Snappcar and Yource.

August 2020

Spinning off Deeploy

Evolved as a project within Enjins, the responsible AI platform Deeploy is launched as product spin-off.

March 2022

Moving to Utrecht to facilitate growth

Enjins moves to a brand new office in the old city centre of Utrecht. A central place, ideal to attract talent and grow our Dutch hub.

May 2022

The launch of M-Leap

We launch M-Leap: the Machine Learning Engineering Training Program. To develop our talent in 3 tracks: tech, sales and account.

January 2023

Opening our Berlin hub

The Berlin hub is the beginning of the Enjins hub strategy: being present in key AI ecosystems in Northern Europe.

June 2023

5 years of productionizing AI

We brought the teams together in Berlin for an offsite to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

April 2024

ClimateTech x AI

Our climatetech portfolio is rapidly growing with customers like Planblue, Prets, Metabolic, Sensorfact and BeyondWeather.