Working at Enjins

Enjins is a fast growing Machine Learning engineering company. Working at Enjins means you want to make an impact by building and implementing Machine Learning solutions for fast growing tech scale-ups and innovative SMEs. Check out the personal stories of our employees and find out what it is like to be a Machine Learning engineer at Enjins!

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The Enjins team spirit

At Enjins we know how to have fun. When we were ready to move to our new office in Utrecht, we realized that the distance between our beloved office at the Bijlmer and the new office was 42km. We then came up with the idea of having a team event and running a MARATHON office to office!! Check this short video for a sneak peek of our office-to-office marathon!

What makes us different

Enjins is a place to excel among your peers, learn and teach, help each other out and strive for the best!

The following values are leading in building our team and culture.


We like to help each other out and acknowledge the added value of working in a team.


We are honest and open towards our self and others. We know and talk about our strengths and weaknesses in order to grow and excel.

Down to earth

We are ambitious, but we do have two feet on the ground.


We are more than just a smart Machine Learning engineer, we like adventure and take initiative.


We have an intrinsic drive to discover new challenges, people and organizations.

Your questions, answered.

Do I have what it takes to become an ML engineer at Enjins?

When you are a strong and curious analytical thinker who enjoys working on a mixture of engineering (i.e. cloud infra, databases, networking, model deployments) and science. Always with the focus to implement end-to-end Machine Learning solutions for our clients.

How should I apply?

Check our openings and press the apply button. We look forward to hearing from you!

What should I wear to my interview(s)?

Come as you are, you don’t have to dress up. We are an informal company that will focus on you and not your clothes.

How long will the application process take?

We strive to complete the whole process within a month. The selection process contains a short introductory interview via videocall, a lengthier interview with two employees and a ML engineering case round.

What should I expect in the first months at Enjins?

In the first month at Enjins we will get your familiar with out tech stack, you will get to know everyone of the team, and you will start with your first project. A buddy and a lead ML engineer are assigned to you to guide you through the beginning of your Enjins career. Expect a lot of new information, learning on the job and fun along the way!

What does a day in the life of a ML engineer look like?

Lucky for you, our ML engineer Keje wrote a blog about this! Check here to find it!

What training and coaching possibilities does Enjins offer?

At Enjins we believe that the best and fastest way to learn is by doing. We will coach and help you during the projects and make sure that you don’t get stuck. A lead ML engineer is assigned to you for regular 1-1 coaching. Besides this we developed a two-monthly inhouse training program for all ML engineers. And every Friday, we share our knowledge and experiences with each other during our famous ‘learn at lunch’.

Join us!

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