What makes us different

Enjins is a place to excel among your peers, learn and teach, help each other out, and strive for the best!

The following values are leading in building our team and culture.

Empower others

We work together as one team, valuing equality, unity, sharing knowledge, while fostering an enjoyable and supporting atmosphere.

Exceptional performance

We are dedicated to maintaining ambitious standards of quality in everything we do.

Down to earth

We are extremely ambitious but keep two feet on the ground, stay humble and open to ourselves and others.


We are a proactive and creative team, committed to problem-solving, innovation and delivering value to our clients.


We are committed to making a positive impact, take ownership, driven by a results-oriented mindset and a deep sense of responsible AI.

Join us!

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Your questions, answered.

Do I have what it takes to become an ML engineer at Enjins?

We seek people with a robust analytical mindset, and an affinity for engineering disciplines such as cloud infrastructure, databases, networking, and model deployments, combined with a passion for science. Our goal is to consistently deliver comprehensive end-to-end Machine Learning solutions that cater to our client’s needs.

How should I apply?

Check our available jobs and click the apply button. We look forward to hearing from you!

How long will the application process take?

We strive to complete the entire process within a month. The selection process contains a brief introductory videocall, followed by a comprehensive interview with two members of our team as well as a ML engineering case round.

What should I expect in the first months at Enjins?

In the first month at Enjins we will get your familiar with out tech stack, you will get to know everyone of the team, and you will start with your first project. A buddy and a lead ML engineer are assigned to you to guide you through the beginning of your Enjins career. Expect a lot of new information, learning on the job and fun along the way!

What does a day in the life of a ML engineer look like?

Lucky for you, our ML engineer Loek wrote a blog about this! Check here to find it!

What training and coaching possibilities does Enjins offer?

At Enjins we believe that the best and fastest way to learn is a hands-on approach. Throughout your projects, we will provide guidance and support to ensure you don’t feel stuck. Each ML engineer is paired with a dedicated coach for regular one-on-one coaching, and we have also devised MLEAP, our in-house training program which is focused on your personal development path. Additionally, we actively share knowledge and experiences during our renowned ‘Friday tech-demo’ every friday afternoon.

The Enjins team spirit

At Enjins we know how to have fun. When we were ready to move to our new office in Utrecht, we realized that the distance between our beloved office at the Bijlmer and the new office was 42km. We then came up with the idea of having a team event and running a MARATHON office to office!! Check this short video for a sneak peek of our office-to-office marathon!