AI is revolutionizing the landscape of mobility and sustainable transportation. As the world increasingly shifts towards greener and more sustainable transportation, AI technologies are playing a pivotal role in driving efficiency, reducing emissions, and enhancing safety across various transportation and mobility sectors.

Customer cases

For Start-ups

AI can provide a crucial competitive edge for any mobility player. Enjins helps mobility startups early on with drafting the AI strategy, to ensure you store the right data from the start. Our AI audit is the starting point to discover the AI use cases with impact and help you to determine your modern data stack.

Drafting your (future) AI strategy and determine data collection strategy
Modern data architecture design for your start-up
Customized development of value-driven AI use cases

For Scale-ups

Scale-ups in mobility and sustainable transportation typically have inhouse AI teams. Enjins helps inhouse data teams to accelerate. Based on a portfolio of mobility and tech companies we bring in best practices, determine your MLOps setup and help you to scale your AI impact.

AI audit: AI use cases, architecture blueprint and roadmap
Design and configuration of MLOps setup to shorten your AI time-to-market
Customized development of complex and large scale AI systems in mobility

Customer Cases

Shared Mobility

Shared mobility introduces another level of complexity on top of classical demand & supply matching: geolocation and damage control.

Demand prediction: customer demand per area and time interval
Ranking: suggesting the correct supply to boost conversion

Find out more about the SnappCar case here.

Smart Logistics

In the competitive world of logistics, data is a critical asset. To stay ahead, it’s essential to transform this data and leverage it for pricing, planning and route optimization.

AI driven Planning: Ensure full loads & boost occupancy of your vehicles
Dynamic pricing: Predict spot vs contract prices for optimized decisions

Find out more about the CtrlChain and Yource case here.