Elevating your portfolio with AI

We help investors to make their AI judgment calls. Distinguishing between truly valuable AI backbones that create a competitive edge and risky investments where AI is just a buzzword in the pitch.

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What sets us apart

Insights from over 50+ AI & Tech DDs

Having audited over 50 tech start-ups and scale-ups, we understand precisely what a strong data and AI infrastructure looks like.

Strategic & hands-on AI Expertise

Our AI Engineers have built AI systems from the ground up, enabling us to challenge key design decisions in tech & AI roadmaps.

Separating AI Value from Hype

Our team distinguishes actual AI innovation from current hypes and buzzwords, ensuring your investments create lasting value.

With our deep understanding of AI technology & its business implications, we are a trusted partner for investors, VCs, and PEs throughout the entire investment cycle.

Our Services to Investors

AI & Tech Due Dilligence

We conduct in-depth tech due diligence, assessing the strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities of AI-driven business models. Our end-to-end assessments create valuable insights for your investment decisions.

Assessment infrastructure, use cases, scalability & impact
Focus on value of proprietary data, ML & GenAI applications
Red flag summary with recommendations in 100 day plan
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Portfolio Acceleration

We partner up to realize maximum AI impact in your portfolio. Jointly discussing opportunities for AI impact, we go more in depth for the portfolio companies where it matters, potentially leading to development and AI use case success.

Customized initial portfolio scan based on your needs
In-depth ML, AI & LLM audits for your portfolio companies
Customized development and acceleration of portfolio

AI for VC/PE Workshop

Our AI workshops for VC and PE offer guidance for your team in the rapidly evolving world of AI. The workshops are tailored to support you in assessing your targets or portfolio companies’ data & AI capabilities, and identifying AI value.

Customized workshops (AI, VC market) for you and your team
AI impact/feasibility assessment for your portfolio companies
Strategies to distinguish “AI Buzz” from scalable technology

AI & Tech Due Dilligence

The Enjins ML audit assesses the current state and scalability of a companies AI. Especially when promising (future) AI is one of the main investment hypotheses, executing the Machine Learning audit as an extension of a commercial and/or technical due diligence provides certainty to our investor and VC customers.

Tech Modules

AI & Algorithms

Assessment of existing algorithms and AI models, and in-depth code review.

Infrastructure & Data

Assessment of cloud & data infrastructure, tech stack, and data quality.

AI Operations

Assessment of deployment, management, and maintenance of AI systems.

Business Modules

Value of AI & Data

Assessment of AI use cases with focus on business impact, feasibilty, and scalability.

Team & AI capabilities

Assessment of current data team and future needed AI capabilities.

Red Flag Summary

Red flag summary with actionable recommendations in 100 day plan.

Investor Testimonials

“Enjins helped us to determine the value of the tech & AI stack of multiple investments. We really appreciated their in-depth AI knowledge and how they always link it back to the overall business value of our investment.”

David Zwagemaker | Partner – Peak Capital

Ernst van Rustenhoven

“Enjins worked for our portfolio companies but also executed the ML audit prior to our investment in Swishfund. We greatly appreciated their detailed approach.”

Ernst van Rustenhoven | VC Investor – Slingshot Ventures

“Enjins’ helped us to understand the potential value and risks of ML and the current state of the data organization. We cooperate on our portfolio companies to harvest the potential of ML.”

Freek van Schijndel | Manager – Nordian Capital Partners

“Enjins helped us during the acquisition of the healthcare scale-up Sweetch. They delivered a detailed ML audit report, providing us with the info needed to make the right acquisition decision.”

Mathijs Blokhuis | CEO Noaber Foundation