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Data infrastructure for the fastest growing European sharing platform for campers



For every sharing platform, data science is a crucial instrument to work on supply-demand matching. Together with the developers of Goboony we worked on their data science infrastructure, to realize an environment for lightning fast insights.

The Business
– Goboony is the fastest growing European sharing platform for campers. The number of bookers and listings on their platform is rapidly expanding. With every transaction, the valuable online dataset grows. This can be used to make the customer experience even better. Goboony aims to personalize the search for a camper for each customer.

The Challenge – Like every online sharing platform, matching of supply and demand is crucial. Offering a personalized search will increase the number of transactions. In this case, more transactions means more happy customers on the platform. However, every user on the Goboony platform is looking for his own specific camper holiday. This search includes specific variables like reviews, time, price and availability of the campers. All these variables are playing a crucial role in the decision of the customer. The behavior of previous customers is the starting point of advising new customers in their search. The fast-growing dataset offers insights in the customer journey on the platform. Goboony quickly wants to scale the platform to other countries.

The Solution– To support the quick scaling of the platform, Enjins developed the Goboony data infrastructure. This scalable and future-proof data science infrastructure allows for fast insights in the expanding online dataset. Once insights are obtained, ML models can be trained and used in production to personalize the Goboony platform for customers. To prepare Goboony for a data and Machine Learning driven future, Enjins helped Goboony to start their own data science team.

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