Our Machine Learning Audit

The Enjins ML audit assesses the current state and future value of a companies AI. We execute the audit to:

  • Help Entrepreneurs: establish a decent ML plan for your scale-up or organisation.
  • Help Investors: provide confidence in your prospects’ AI assets and capabilities prior to investment.

Why for investors?

  • Complementary to commercial DD
  • Report on risks and opportunities
  • Assessment of AI algorithms
  • Assessment of technical scalability

Why for entrepreneurs?

  • 24 month ML roadmap
  • Use cases ease vs impact
  • Infrastructure blueprint
  • Data quality assessment

ML audit

The Enjins ML audit assesses the current state and scalability of a companies AI. Especially when promising (future) AI is one of the main investment hypotheses, executing the Machine Learning audit as an extension of a commercial and/or technical due diligence provides certainty to our investor and VC customers.

Investor testimonials

The ML audit helps investors in two different ways. Firstly, the ML audit assesses the potential risks and opportunities of a prospect prior to investment. Secondly, the ML audit gives direction to future investments in data to increase valuation. Enjins assists multiple portfolio companies in maturing their data and ML capabilities. Creating their ML roadmap, development of their ML infrastructure and building use cases with impact to increase valuation of portfolio companies.

Enjins helped us during the acquisition of the Israeli healtcare scale-up Sweetch. Next to our commercial DD the biggest question for us was the level of maturity and scalability of their AI. Enjins delivered a solid and detailed ML audit report, providing us with the info needed to make the right acquisition decision.

Matthijs Blokhuis

CEO - Noaber Foundation

Enjins’ audit helps us to better understand the potential value and risks of data and ML. Enjins helps us in assessing the current state of the data organization and identify potential risks and opportunities. Furthermore, we cooperate on our portfolio companies to harvest the potential of ML.

Freek van Schijndel

Investment Manager - Nordian Capital Partners

Enjins worked for our portfolio companies but also executed the ML audit prior to our investment in Swishfund. We greatly appreciated their detailed approach.

Ernst van Rustenhoven

Venture Capital Investor - Slingshot Ventures