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Since their first event in Amsterdam in 2013, the footprint of the DGTL music festival grew exponentially. Locations now also include Barcelona, Tel Aviv, São Paulo and soon even Santiago De Chile. Their main event though, will always be the DGTL Amsterdam event during Easter. Organizing these festivals is a huge challenge from multiple perspectives. It takes creative, operational and marketing excellence to accomplish this.

Enjins goes DGTL

Enjins helps DGTL to tackle this challenge, by gathering and combining valuable data sources. These are used to develop the DGTL Ticket and Marketing Data platform. This should help DGTL to become data driven, optimize marketing and get machine learning based predictions of the number of visitors for every event they host.

Each year during Easter, roughly 17,000 visitors go to the NDSM dockyard for the DGTL Festival. Visitors come to the event from all around the world. Moreover, they buy different tickets (weekender, day ticket, guest ticket) through various online ticket platforms. Keeping track of all these ticket sales is crucial for both marketing and operational decisions about the festival. If sales are lower than expected in particular areas, extra marketing effort could solve the problem. Therefore, DGTL asked Enjins to develop the DGTL Ticketing and Marketing platform.

Ticket data, predictions on future sales & marketing spend are made available in one central platform. Such ticket number predictions come with a bandwith. After all, can’t we all imagine the influence a sudden weather change has on any festival? Of course we can! But having automated insights and predictions at hand every day will definitely improve the ability of DGTL to make the right choices. Just like you check out the weather forecast to see if you have to take that umbrella with you to any Dutch festival.

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