FinTech Maarten Stolk 30 March 2021


The business

Triodos Bank is one of the most sustainable banks in the world. Also, together with their 700.000 customers, they believe that money has the power to change. Having a strong growing base of both retail and business customers, ranging from freelancers to SMEs and large organizations.

Their challenge

The clients of Triodos all have different banking needs and characteristics. Since they all bring unique value to Triodos, the aim is to better understand their customers. This way, Triodos can personalize its marketing towards current and new business customers. Resulting in more focus on their most valuable group of customers that simultaneously help to make the world more sustainable.

Our solution to understand the customers better

First, we did an in-depth data science exploration of the available data. This exploration is mainly used to gain insights in new customer segments for Triodos. Then, we created the segments by using the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and the potential to become a key client for Triodos based on intrinsic values.

Ultimately, the goal is to incorporate the models and insights within the data science infrastructure of Triodos. This way, we make actionable insights available to different teams within the organization for analytical purposes. The segmentation of the B2B market enables Triodos to aim at core customers, sharing the same values and goals.

Way of working

This project is a great mixture of modeling the CLV and creating the right insights and models. Also, we worked closely with the Triodos team and several stakeholders to gain the most valuable insights.

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