Victor’s AI Engineering expertise includes among others:

  • Generative AI applications: Built an LLM-based tool that sanitizes user input and flags abusive language, increasing accuracy to 96% whilst decreasing human input to a minimum, compared to a previous system
  • Fraud detection system: Developed an automated system that detects fraudulent invoices for a FinTech client. Deployed in Google Cloud using BigQuery and dbt.
  • Machine learning research: Published a peer-reviewed paper on AI for protein reconstruction, with implications for AI-enhanced drug discovery.

2 years of experience building neural networks, data warehouses, and doing full-stack development. MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam

Why Enjins?
“Machine Learning is developing at such a fast pace that companies without dedicated AI teams struggle to keep up. As a consultant ML engineer I have the opportunity to bring the value of AI to many companies, whilst also gaining experience myself from the unique challenges presented by each client. Creating solutions that deliver tangible impact to people and organizations is what motivates me every day.”

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