Expertise includes among others:

  • Cloud and Data Platform Engineering: contributed to the evaluation, development and maintenance of data systems, following MLOps principles
  • NLP and LLMs in Health Tech: research on the classification of the level of processing of food items based on ingredient information through a combination of NLP and LLMs
  • Generative AI and Computer Vision: contribution to research of using GANs for cancer cell segmentation through fluorescent markers and multimodal processing of deepfake videos, by combining audio and visual information

Background: Msc and Bsc Artificial Intelligence.

Why Enjins? “When I graduated university, I knew I wanted to have an engineering job but I was not sure which direction to go into. Enjins offers me the possibilities to explore different fields that all have their own technical challenges. Additionally, this environment allows me to develop my technical skills further in a way to bridge the gap between academia and business.”