Business developer



Bachelors Degree International business // Marketing & Sales


Why Enjins

During my bachelor’s in international business, I had to choose a specialization. I shifted my educational focus to marketing & sales, as this specialization interested me the most. I continued learning more and more about marketing & sales, and eventually, the third year was in sight. This year I must do an internship with a company that fits within my bachelor’s. I started looking for internships with the title digital marketing. I found out that these tasks and responsibilities were not like I imagined, so I decided to broaden my criteria. Enjins came up on LinkedIn with a business development internship position, the job description was exactly how I wanted it to be. I had a great first meeting with one of the Senior machine learning engineers, which was followed up by a meeting with the marketing & sales team. After these meetings, I was sure that I wanted to do the internship at Enjins. An exciting tech company, with a young and ambitious team, that offers freedom but also responsibility.