Expertise includes among others:

  • Robotics engineering: Development of navigation system for autonomous mobile robots.
  • Computer Vision engineering: Development of CV algorithms for object detection and image processing.
  • ML engineering: Development of Deep Learning models for image classification; design and development of MLOps framework for scaling ML solutions.
  • Project management: Project management for robotics/industrial automation and ML projects; leader for multi-disciplinary robotics and ML teams.
  • Strategy development for ML adoption: Development and implementation of global strategy for ML adoption in an organization.

Background: 5+ years working experience as robotics, embedded software, computer vision, and ML engineer. 2+ years of experience leading and managing AI innovation projects. MSc in Robotics from Eindhoven University of Technology.

Why Enjins? ”I chose Enjins because it focuses on building innovative AI solutions that directly impact businesses in fields with positive social impact, such as green-tech, sustainability, and healthcare. We work with ingenious companies to understand how AI can be used to achieve their goals and vision. I enjoy working at the forefront of these industries, getting inspired by leaders and innovators, and collaborating with teams of talented engineers to build solutions that matter.”