Jannis’ AI Engineering expertise includes among others:

  • Marketplaces & Recommenders: Built recommendation system for media company operating in over 130 markets and with over 10 million users
  • Computer Vision & Object Detection: Developed object detectors to locate pathologies in 2D X-ray images and 3D CT scans for healthcare company
  • E-Mobility & Energy: Developed charging point features for electric mobility service provider, incl. parking spot occupation detection, smart charging, dynamic load management

3+ years working experience as Machine Learning Engineer in Computer Vision in E-mobility, Healthcare and Home Security. MSc in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology.

Why Enjins
“I chose Enjins because it offers the chance to tackle practical real-world problems through integrated data analysis while always maintaining an engineering-first mindset, ensuring that our solutions work effectively in production. I’m also passionate about teamwork and see great value in collaborating with machine learning experts to grow and innovate together.” – Jannis

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