Floris’ AI Engineering expertise includes among others:

  • Insurance Comparison Platform & Data platforms: Part of- and eventually lead of the team that built the data platform for an insurance comparison platform that processes the huge amounts of data that millions of yearly users produce, to facilitate analysis, reporting and AI solutions.
  • Library and information services & Recommenders: Part of- and eventually lead of the team that built a complete analytics environment with a recommendation system that combines AI and mathematical optimization to provide weekly book recommendations to steer the collections of libraries.
  • Marketplaces & MLOps: Assessed key bottlenecks at a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform to redesign its data platform and MLOps set-up. Collaboratively, we then implemented this design leading to both efficiency gains, cost reductions and most importantly a sound foundation for future data and AI use cases.

3+ years working experience as Machine Learning Engineer mainly in fields of Finance, Online platforms and Marketplaces. MSc in Computer Science from Utrecht University.

Why Enjins?
“Coming from a MSc track that focussed heavily on the theoretical side of Data & AI, I was looking for an opportunity to put this knowledge to practice. After encountering Enjins, the unique flavour of project-based work that we do immediately spoke to me. In contrast to other project-based companies, we do both consultancy and implementation, we always work together in teams of multiple Enjins engineers, and we work with clients that like to iterate fast and move quickly towards production. Combining these points, Enjins offers an environment where my fellow team members and I could grow incredibly fast.”

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