Expertise includes among others:

  • Marketing sector: Built Marketing Mix Models, optimizing budget allocation models and NLP algorithms for worldwide clients, operating in over 130 markets.
  • Agricultural sector: Implemented the entire cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure using Terraform, streamlining operations and enhancing collaboration across cross-functional teams.
  • LLMs: Researched cutting-edge techniques to productionize robust and trustworthy large language models (LLMs).

Background: 3+ years working experience in developing machine learning models in the marketing sector, building infrastructure in Azure to productionize machine learning models for teams in agricultural sector, and working on large language models (LLMs). He holds a MSc in Data Science from University of Milan Bicocca.

Why Enjins? “I chose Enjins because of its dynamic and fast-paced environment, perfectly suited for addressing one of the biggest challenges in the data world: ensuring models are production-ready. At Enjins, the primary goal is to excel in the engineering aspect, guaranteeing that every model is well-implemented and sustainable for the long term. I am particularly drawn to Enjins’ dedication to supporting smaller companies. This allows me to play a pivotal role in everything from building the infrastructure to developing machine learning models and deploying them in the environments I create..”