I’m Italian, born there, and hold a Master’s in Data Science from the University of Milan-Bicocca. Previously, I spent 1.5 years as a Data Scientist at IPG Mediabrands in Milan. Since September 2022, I’ve lived in Amsterdam.

Why Enjins?

I was drawn to the company for several reasons. Firstly, I’ve always been attracted to the dynamic atmosphere of startups. There’s a palpable sense of drive and enthusiasm for projects that resonates with me. Additionally, I’ve primarily worked for product companies in the past, so the opportunity to transition to a consultancy company like Enjins intrigued me. I relish the chance to work on diverse projects for various companies, contributing my expertise and then transitioning to new challenges. Moreover, I appreciate Enjins’ focus on smaller companies, as it allows me to play a significant role in shaping everything from infrastructure to deploying ML models in an environment I helped create.


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