Cas’ AI Engineering expertise includes among others:

  • Built an advanced data platform with a forecasting use case for the green energy market for daily predictions of every PTU for the upcoming 24 hours for every individual customer.
  • Built a robust streaming analytics application that processes tens of thousands of site-click events every hour into actionable analytics for a marketplace.
  • Developed scalable infrastructure for a computer vision application that processes sixty images per minute for the classification of faults within the manufacturing process.

2+ years of working experience as a Machine Learning Engineer in Green tech, energy, marketplaces, and manufacturing. Strong interest in the Green tech domain and geospatial analysis. MSc in Data Science from Tilburg University and BSc in Applied Geo-Information Science from the HAS.

Why Enjins?
“I chose Enjins because after writing my master’s thesis here at Enjins it became apparent that Enjins is a great company with a lot of skilled and like-minded people, this made clear that I wanted to stay here. Enjins allows for a great balance between technical skill and consultancy which is very exciting. Next to that, everybody likes to create intelligent and great systems for our customers.” 

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