Bart’s expertise is focused on:

  • ClimateTech: Shaping the role of AI towards the path of net zero. Together with founders and tech leads, Bart strategizes on the added value of AI within climate tech. From circular economy to the energy market.
  • Sparring partner for MT: AI is disrupting every industry, making AI a topic at every MT agenda. Together with founders and directors, Bart details how and if data & AI are strategic pillars, identifying opportunities and threats, and assess the current data & AI maturity.
  • Due Diligence partner for Investors: Every pitch deck these days contains AI. What is the current maturity and what investments are needed to realize the promised growth and competitive edge?
  • Realizing AI transformation: Our goal is to build data & AI as a long-term capability. This requires making the right steps on use case level, tech level, and organization level.

8+ years of working experience within AI, working with over 30+ companies: from building machine learning models to leading AI transformations within innovative companies. Set up the data science team from scratch at Dutch e-bike brand. And teaching business audience, managers, investors, and ML engineers on data & AI concepts. Background in econometrics.

Why Enjins?
“Being at the forefront of innovation is what drives me at Enjins. Together with our clients we want to address the most critical challenges of our time. I believe that AI has an immense promise and it is up to us – the industry, the makers, and therefore also Enjins – to build AI that results in meaningful impact. Looking forward to collaborating on this exciting innovation with founders, investors, and eager AI talent” 

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