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Machine Learning Audit

Enjins executes ML audits for companies and venture capitalists.
For companies, the audit gives a (repetitive) external review of their machine learning maturity and actionable advice on how to move their ML forward. For investors in scale-ups and start-ups, the ML audit gives clear insights into the ML capabilities of the current team, the ML infrastructure and the future ML scalability.

  • Two day on site review with interviews, architecture and code reviews
  • Audit report including SWOT analysis and red flags
  • Deep dives on technical ML aspects
  • Deep dives on the business value of ML

Machine Learning Engine (MLE)

The MLE is our powerful predictive engine where our models run in production. The engines make predictions real-time and connects to for example your website or database. Furthermore, our engines are self-learning and optimize continuously.

  • Use-case driven and tailor-made platform
  • Fully managed platform integrated in your technology stack
  • With feedback loop, enabling continuous improvement over time
  • Containerized, independent of cloud platforms and application architectures

Data Engineering Library

With our Data Engineering Library, we decrease time to market for our ML engines. Our library has connectors to all major databases, cloud frameworks and most popular APIs. Making it easy to integrate our solution in your technology environment.

  • Connectors to major databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB)
  • Connectors to popular APIs (Adwords, Facebook, Google Cloud Storage, Mailchimp, AWS)

Data Science Control System (DSCS)

The Git of Data Science. Track changes and performance of your ML models and applications with DSCS. Enabling real-time visual insights into the performance, uptime and overall health of your ML solutions. Open the black-box of Data Science models.

  • Gather metrics from data pipelines, learning engines, API’s, models and final predictions
  • Keep track of your model performance, accuracy and overall health
  • Makes use of popular logging methods and services like Google Stackdriver

Enjins Training Program

You have a team of data scientists but struggle to get ML applications into production? Or you want to inspire your business and become Data Scientist/Engineer for a day. Ask us for training programs, to understand the full potential of Data Science.

  • Introduction to cloud architectures and containers (Docker and Kuberneters)
  • Creating data pipelines to get your ML application into production
  • Logging and monitoring of your data pipeline and machine learning model
  • Create your first API

Enjins Machine Learning Toolkit

Our ML toolkit is an extensive, continuously growing, toolkit of code and functionalities. Built on top of several existing open source frameworks, enabling us to deliver accurate and robust ML models.

  • Handling missing values
  • Automated feature engineering
  • Cost function optimization

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