Our vision on Machine Learning

We are driven by impact, and so is our vision on Machine Learning. We don’t want a data scientists’ laptop to be a graveyard for brilliant models. That’s why we use these four principles to actually implement Machine Learning that realises business value.


We love to work with entrepreneurs, from scale-ups to SMEs. We believe every use case starts with a business case, roadmap and a technical blueprint to deliver ML solutions.


No Machine Learning without engineering. We believe in the combination of data science and engineering. Not just a theoretical model, but an ML engine in production.

Explainable models

We believe ML should always be explainable, accountable and transparent. We’re one of the proud founders of Deeploy, a platform to keep ML explainable and accountable.

Human involvement

We involve content experts in the process of creation and feedback. We distinguish ourselves by going quickly to a working solution including a continuous feedback loop.

Our story

The journey of Enjins itself started in 2018 but the ideas that were the fundament for Enjins were shaped over many years and projects before. We saw the growing need for a company that did not just create data science models but that realizes lasting Machine Learning solutions with business impact.

June 2018

Enjins is founded

The journey starts in the basement of this beautiful building, with our first scale-up customers in Amsterdam.

January 2019

Bijlmer becomes the new home of Enjins

Close to both Utrecht CS and Amsterdam CS, Bijlmer seems to be the ideal place to attract ML engineering talents.

August 2020

Deeploy is launched

Deeploy evolved from a project and is a manageable and explainable AI tool.

March 2022

Moving offices to Utrecht

On 1st March we moved to a brand new office in the old city centre of Utrecht. More room for a bigger team!

January 2023

Our second hub in Berlin

The Merantix AI Campus is known as Europe's Hub for AI and became home to our second Hub in Germany.

March 2023

Our new Management Team

As we opened our second hub in Berlin, we decided to establish a new Management Team for our Utrecht Hub.