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With our product Deeploy we try to solve one of the biggest challenges in AI nowadays: making AI/ML truly accountable. Deeploy originated from within Enjins and is now a fast-scaling MLOps company, fully devoted to creating state-of-the-art MLOps software for AI developers. If you want to be part of a fast-growing software engineering team, you like technical challenges and unexplored territory, then you should join us!

Project scope:

You will be joining a new project focused on the development of architectures and algorithms for a real-time recommendation system. The aim of which is to create a modular recommendation system that can be reapplied to different use-cases for our current and new clients. In this project team, you will have the freedom to propose and test your own solutions and will be working with exciting technologies in real-world production environments.

What you will work on:

  • Research and design of recommendation engine architectures
  • Setting up and standardizing infrastructure (Helm, Terraform)
  • Implementing and testing different platforms (Kafka, Spark, Redis, Cassandra)
  • Training and testing of various recommendation algorithms
  • Benchmarking of system and algorithm performance
  • Deploy the system at clients

What you bring:

  • Currently studying Computer Science / Software Engineering at HBO/WO level and preferably specialising in Data Engineering
  • Ability to take initiative and a solution-oriented attitude
  • Familiar with data streaming concepts and experience with frameworks such as Apache Spark and Apache Kafka is a plus
  • Understanding of concepts like containerisation and knowledge of Helm and Terraform is a plus
  • Knowledge of machine learning in production systems
  • Passion to discover a lot more about data engineering!

What Deeploy offers:

  • A young team of ambitious engineers
  • A dedicated challenger/coach for your internship from our team
  • Autonomy to research, design and develop your own solutions
  • Work with exciting technologies such as Apache Spark and Apache Kafka
  • The opportunity to experience a machine learning engineering startup
  • Prospect of fulltime position after your graduation

Period & Availability:

  • A minimum commitment of 24 hours per week is required
  • The project will have a duration of 3-6 months
  • Planned project start between 1st of March and 1st of June 2021
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