Graduation internship – Machine Learning Engineering

Do you want to write your MSc thesis at one of the most innovative machine learning startups of the Netherlands? Are you looking for an internship where you can contribute to our company and also graduate? Check out our ideas for a thesis in the field of ML or bring your own!


Graduate at Enjins!

Enjins is a company with a fast growing team of machine learning engineers. To boost our innovation, we are always looking for highly motivated MSc students, that want to graduate on machine learning engineering topics. Enjins especially focusses on productionizing machine learning and realising reliable and explainable machine learning systems. If you think you can contribute to this, please reach out!

Possible research topics
    • ML at scale: High-throughput, low-latency Machine Learning services.
    • Computer vision: Challenges of productionizing computer vision solutions.
    • IoT: Using sensor data in machine learning / predictive maintenance projects
    • Other innovative ideas in the field of Machine Learning engineering!
Possible research topics
    • A young team of ambitious machine learning engineers
    • A dedicated challenger/coach for your thesis from our team
    • The opportunity to experience a machine learning engineering startup from the inside

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