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Start a ML Engineer career – Cathy’s first three months at Enjins

My first three months at Enjins – Cathy

“I just started my ML Engineer career and during my first three months at Enjins, I have been given a lot of freedom and responsibility. I already learned a lot and I’m sure I will learn even more!”

Why Enjins

In January 2021, I started as a Machine Learning Engineer at Enjins. After studying Business Analytics and having worked as a Data Scientist, I wanted to work on more practical projects where the focus lies on building lasting Machine Learning solutions and really adding value. Joining Enjins seemed a great opportunity to start my ML Engineer career.

In reality, a lot of data science projects don’t make it beyond the environment of the local machine. While I think Data Science is a great field, I also believe that irrespective of your modelling skills, if you lack the skills to bring it into production, it has no value. Since this is exactly what Enjins does, and is great in, this is the company I wanted to work with.

Steep learning curve

The first three months are already over and have flown by. The team dedicated the first week to the onboarding, a time during which I spoke with my new colleagues to get to know each other. Next to that, that week was for setting up my laptop and all other practical things to getting started. I started on a project that was already ongoing for quite some time. So, I also used the first week to go through the already existing code base and to read about the project.

After the first week, my ML Engineer career really started. From the beginning, the lead engineers gave me a lot of freedom and many responsibilities. I really like this because I can plan my own time, and it shows the confidence they have in me. However, for me, it can also be a bit isolating now that we all work from home since I find it difficult to connect by online meetings. This makes it harder to really get to know my new colleagues. But I’m sure this will all work out!

In these three months, I already learned a lot of new things and I am still encountering new things every day. So, I am sure I will keep learning new things and develop myself at a fast pace.

Enjins’ training program

You encounter most of the new concepts while working on a project, but Enjins also provides trainings. Everyone who starts at Enjins, has to do Enjins’ basic training in which it gets clear what subjects you need to work on. From this, the team plans other trainings. Most of the time, trainings are not enough to become an expert on a subject. That’s why we explored the subjects I wanted to learn more about inside a project. As an example, one thing I wanted to know more about was data modelling. Therefore, I followed the data modelling training and I created a new data model for the project I worked on.

Excited about what’s coming

After these first three months, I am really happy with choosing Enjins. I can’t wait to work on more projects for our clients and learn and develop myself even more!

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