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Data Science Solutions for Holland’s oldest family company

The Business – Van Eeghen is a 15th generation family company founded in 1662 in Amsterdam. Van Eeghen has always been dedicated to the transport, production, purchasing and distribution of food ingredients. Today, they offer ingredients aimed at the infant & clinical foods and sports & nutritional supplements. In recent years, Van Eeghen is growing their business rapidly. Providing challenges for this 350-year-old company which are similar to the challenges we find at our scale-up customers.

The Challenge – The ambition is to become a ‘one-stop-shop’, such that their growing client base can get all healthy ingredients they need at the Van Eeghen company. To realize this ambition, they have made it their goal to automate several steps in the supply chain and thus become a data driven company. Currently, this is a manual and labour intensive process where buyers do not have the real-time information they need to act right away. Complete and continuous insights in the buying and selling prices of their products are essential to further scale the business.

The Solution – Before starting to build solutions, we gain insights in the whole process and data maturity of Van Eeghen with our thorough ML audit. Once a plan of action is established, we go through with building a scalable and future-proof data infrastructure. This data infrastructure enables Van Eeghen to efficiently collect and store pricing- and other process-critical information. On top of this infrastructure, Enjins builds a Pricing Insights Monitor. This monitor empowers traders to make data-driven decisions. Adding more external data sources, bandwidths of prices, and notifications based on trends, will finally create a future proof pricing solution. All with the goal to make Van Eeghen’s purchasing and supply chain smarter, faster and more reliable.

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