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Floris de Vreede, Data Scientist at Swishfund, about Enjins:

“Working side-by-side with Enjins has been a very natural experience from the start. They clearly possess the necessary knowledge and are able to think along with us in a very flexible way. On top of thinking about how to set up our Data Science Infrastructure now, they make sure it is future-proof and will be able to serve our prospective Data Science needs.”

The business – Swishfund provides short-term loans to entrepreneurs. Based on their bank transactions, Swishfund analyses the cash flow of a potential new customer. Within 24 hours, entrepreneurs receive their loan proposal.

The challenge – The ambition of Swishfund is to scale quickly, completely automating the customer onboarding and risk evaluation process becomes key. The Swishfund data science team already developed their own models to analyse new customers. The challenge was to bring these models and the underlying infrastructure to a higher level and the whole workflow to a production state.

The solution – Together with the data science team at Swishfund, we developed a Machine Learning platform. On this platform, their first 3 ML models run in production. ML models predict risk measures and determine the loan value and terms. Swishfund experts constantly evaluate these data-driven proposals. A feedback loop feeds the models in order to learn and improve. This way, we can incorporate the knowledge of the experts in the models, avoiding black boxes.

The technology – We realised the Swishfund Machine Learning platform by using open-source software and technologies. ML models are built in Python, and the data science platform uses Airflow, Docker and Flask, running on AWS.

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