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Data science is healthcare’s next big thing. QuoMD is on the forefront of this development by objectifying diagnostics with AI. Enjins does their part by designing and setting up their scalable, future-proof data science infrastructure.

QuoMD is a MedTech startup that aims to bring efficiency and objectivity in the assessment of medical complaints by providing clients with accessible, personalized and evidence based advice regarding their care path. QuoMD uses artificial intelligence to develop personalized medical (risk)profiles, digital triage software and quantified diagnostics. The ambitions set by QuoMD are high, and to realize these they asked Enjins to create a scalable data science infrastructure.

This infrastructure will serve as the fundament for various digital platforms and AI applications. This fundament has to be designed in a way that continous improvement of data(quality) and models will be possible. Enjins created a design which is highly secured, client centric and allows for direct and two-way communications now and integration of new services in the future. This design enables QuoMD to realize their ambitions of objectifying diagnostics with AI.

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