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Improving the mortgage advice process with ML


Ikbenfrits.nl embodies mortgage advice as it should be. The company delivers clear, transparent and independent advice on mortgages. All of this with a strong focus on personal contact.

The Business – Providing independent advice on mortgages, Ikbenfrits.nl helps dozens of people a day with one of their biggest decisions in life. As part of this, they engage in a very personal approach, guiding the customer along every step of the process. To provide as much value as the company does, they automate what can be automated without losing personal touch with their customers.

The Solution – With their ambition to help even more people with their mortgage, the company has been working on maturing the data infrastructure. Enjins held a Machine Learning audit to provide additional insights into the company’s data infrastructure and machine learning possibilities. This audit challenged the company on five different aspects: data quality, data completeness, data infrastructure, the potential value of applying machine learning and its scalability. With the insights gathered from the audit, Ikbenfrits.nl will continue to improve their processes, and help more people find the mortgages they want.

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