We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Berlin based Stackfuel, the #1 digital B2B training platform for data science. Where Enjins accelerates your ML practice with use case driven development, Stackfuel ensures to upskill your inhouse talent for the longrun.

Our German journey
In early 2020, Enjins started to onboard multiple German customers. In this journey, we have always been in close contact with Leo Marose (CEO and Co-Founder) and Meike Jantzen (Strategic Partnership Manager) from Stackfuel. Today, we are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Stackfuel.

About Stackfuel
StackFuel is an energetic Berlin-based startup that is working hard to meet the training needs of industry through data training. They enable enterprises to equip their workforce with a data-driven mindset to secure the future of their company in the digital age.

They deliver hands-on and engaging data-trainings on their online platform, from data awareness to full Python programming courses. Check out the full offering here.

About our cooperation
The data science training platform of Stackfuel is complementary to the focus of Enjins. We design, develop and operationalize ML use cases for customers, and Stackfuel’s goal is to upskill the inhouse talent using their digital B2B training platform. Since designing and developing decent data science training programs is a very complex and extensive task, we prefer to work with an outstanding partner here with comprehensive online trainings, rather than developing these trainings on the spot ourselves.

In our strategic partnership we will help each other to boost sales in our home markets (Netherlands and Germany) and together help our customers to further mature their Machine Learning capabilities.

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