Hi, my name is De Vos and I am the latest recruit to the Enjins team!
In this blog I will share why I joined Enjins.

Before joining Enjins, I completed a degree in Computer Science with a focus on Data Engineering technologies such as Apache Kafka. During this period, I worked on automating Business Intelligence processes at International Data Corporation. Providing a glimpse of what is possible with new data technologies and sparked my further interest in the field.

Before venturing in technology, I studied Business Administration and combined this with my passion for wine, by co-founding a wine brand. Therefore the decision to join Enjins was an easy one. Their entrepreneurial and pragmatic approach, combined with technical expertise is a very unique and attractive opportunity!

I am looking forward to work with this talented team and their diverse range of clients on exciting projects. Alongside technology, I enjoy walking the dog, wine, beer tastings and surfing.

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KvK: 71755101

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