Talent Tevhide Dogan 26 April 2021

1000 days at Enjins – Tevhide’s interview

1000 days at Enjins – Tevhide’s interview



You are the very first employee of Enjins, do you remember how your Day 1 in the company was?

Started on a Friday and when I entered the office, I wasn’t aware that I was going to experience the IKEA struggle with my employers on my first day at the job. I signed my contract in the first week that Enjins officially registered as a company. So, even the office wasn’t fully furnished yet. We went to IKEA to get the first piece of furniture. Turned out that we accompanied by some Rabarber drinks are also a great team to make an IKEA cabinet. Besides the IKEA ‘test’ in the afternoon, the morning comprised a personal and comprehensive onboarding by Nick and Maarten as I also got my first client project.

Actually, looking back, it was kind of a preview of the adventure I was starting. It set the tone for my following years at Enjins; personal and caring, a drive to improve and get things done.


On what type of projects have you been working?

The projects are really very diverse, the companies as well as the industries they are active in. I worked on projects for companies that have not yet been established, the fastest growing scale-ups in the Netherlands and also long-established family firms. They were active for example in finance, energy, literature, and animal feeding. One thing that they have in common is that they are all innovative and want to work on business solutions that are here to stay.


Which project was your favorite? Why?

The projects are so incredibly diverse that every project has something special. I was most surprised by my project for NBD Biblion, a non-profit company aiming to provide support to libraries in their core business. I didn’t expect them to be so progressive! Together with them, we realized engines to automate yet personalize the support they are providing.
Another project I really enjoyed is assessing and designing the infrastructure and technical roadmap for Sendcloud as they are listed #51 on FTs list of 1,000 fastest-growing companies. I am also really excited about my current project! We are currently building an engine to determine the best set up of (greenfield) factories for an animal feeder.


What is one of the most memorable moments you have experienced working for the company?

Besides my interesting first day at the company, we created many more memorable moments which makes it hard to choose. Two moments come to my mind.

Only two weeks in the job, Nick and Maarten had overlapping meetings; a final project delivery and a sales meeting. So, I had to go to the client for the project delivery and present it to the CEO and CFO on my own. Quite a valuable learning experience for me. Turned out that they really meant the sentence ‘responsibility from day 1’ in the job posting, which made me even more excited about my job.

The second memorable moment was an unexpected but very welcome surprise visit from Nick, Maarten and Tim in the evening at my place. When I entered the living room, I totally didn’t expect to see them there and definitely not with Santa hats and presents.


You have seen Enjins growing from 3 founders to a company with a team of 20-25 FTE (including the Deeploy squad). What changed the most according to you?

Besides that, it is not just the three co-founders anymore I don’t see major differences. We are now a larger group of tech enthusiasts with the same ambition to realize Machine Learning applications and business improvements. When I joined Enjins, they set yet nothing. Right now, there are business processes in place that come with a company for example onboarding procedure, etc. However, what didn’t change is the company culture and the drive. There is still no set route within Enjins. You can still get all the responsibilities and opportunities to work on projects, to reach your goals, develop your talents and become successful.

Where do you see Enjins in 5 years?

Doubled in size, an office abroad, and another spin-off. And definitely with still the same spirit and culture from day 1!



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